Seongsan Shell Mound

Seongsan Shell Mound “성산패총” is a large park on Oe-dong mountain, containing a mound of shells dating back to the early Iron Age.  These shells (as well as pottery and bones) give archeologists important study materials regarding the lives of early settlers in the southern tip of the Korean peninsula.  The site was discovered and excavated in 1974, during the construction of the Changwon industrial complex.  As a result, the park grounds provide a uniquely calm and quiet place smack dab in the middle of one of Changwon’s factory area.

The grounds contain a museum, a structure protecting an ancient iron forging area, a seated stone Yeorae statue dated to the late Unified Silla era, as well as several paths winding around the mountain.  These paths lead between the important sites, but also through lush, grassy areas, often devoid of people.  There is even a short path surrounded by bamboo.

The Yeorae statue was formerly located in Sodap dong, but was moved to its present locating in 1984, during a land survey reconfiguration.  Currently, it faces out to the mountain’s surrounding areas, overlooking factories such as Otis Elevator.

Over all, unless you’re pretty into archeology and/or ancient civilizations, the Seongsan Shell Mound might not be terribly exciting, however, the well maintained park grounds are a surprisingly peaceful place to see.  Definitely picnic-worthy.

The Seongsan Shell Mound is located in Oe dong, south of Changwon Daero, on the other side of the street from Sangnam dong.  The entrance is on a street coming off of the daero and is across from the LG 1 factory.

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