Better Know a Dong – Bansong-dong.

Bansong-dong is located just northwest of downtown Changwon (Sangnam-dong). It is a wonderful place and I think most people don’t know where it is or even what is even there. It’s not really a party area like Sangnam-dong and there aren’t a lot of bars, but there are quite a few restaurants and other various shopping places. The main attractions in Bansong-dong are the traditional market and Bansong park.


Bansong Traditional Market is open every day of the week. They have people selling fruit, veggies, various street foods and some clothing. There are also a bunch of really good meat shops, seafood shops, bakeries, and restaurants. The market is open everyday but unfortunately I couldn’t find any hours listed. It’s never open when I go to work at 8:40am so it probably doesn’t open till 10 or 11 a.m. The market has lots of good street food and I can never go there without grabbing something delicious. If you’re a loyal customer, they might even give you service (free stuff).


If you venture into the depths of the market building there are people selling all sorts of clothing and offering tailoring. Upstairs, besides the usual businesses there are a bunch of good restaurants. This includes a really good BBQ place my school likes to frequent called 기찬바베큐. The hand pulled noodles in another place there from a restaurant called 시골여행칼국수 that I like to frequent. One can also find a decent gukbap (soup and rice) place called 할매식당 in the main market area and various other palatable things. Basically there is lots of good food here so you should come and give it a go.

The highlights of the market for me are the large steamed dumplings (only 1,300 won).



The other thing that is probably my favourite thing about this market (and I wish I weren’t sharing it with you) is the butcher who consistently has chicken breasts in his shop. Nothing weird, no funny bones hiding in the meat, no strange, unfamiliar cuts, and the best part, for us living on our own, they come in a package of two! What’s better than that!? No more massive portions you have to freeze for ages and ages. They’re also usually only 4,000 – 5,000 won (I’m sure you can get small amounts of chicken breasts elsewhere, but I’ve yet to find them and these are fresh!) The butcher shop is called 반송한우고기.

Here is a map to Bansong Market.


The other highlight of Bansong-dong is Bansong Park. I know everyone is familiar with Yongji lake and if you live in Sangnam-dong you’ve probably been there a few times already, but why not venture just a little further afield and check out this great park? It’s bigger than Yongji lake park and it’s a little bit hilly, it doesn’t feature a lake, but it does stretch all the way to Changidaero which runs along the river. The other great thing about Bansong park? It’s almost twice the size and about half as busy so if you wanna hang out somewhere peaceful I recommend it. It’s also next to Yongji lake park so it’s easy to reach.


Other places in Bansong-dong I frequent are the Daiso across from my school (in the market building) and my ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) doctor who speaks really great English and is really friendly to foreigners. So if you need an ENT, go to 웅이비인후과의원, he’s on the second floor of the building across from the School and the Catholic church (the address is 17-1 Ballim-dong).




How to get there:

You can catch the 105 from Euna Apt or city hall and it will take you right through Bansong-dong. Also, the 101, 210, 113 and 800 go by this area. Pretty much any bus that goes by City7 from Sangnam-dong will go by Bansong-dong. I recommend the 105 or the 101 (depending where you’re coming from) because they drive directly through it.


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