Gyeongsangnam do Korean War Monument

Built in 1985, the Korean War Monument (충혼탑) is located in Uichang gu, near the row of parks stretching from Deok dong to Sam dong.  Set back from the street is a massive 47.1 meter (+150 feet) monument dedicated to the 1,142 soldiers from Gyeongsangnam province that died in the Korean War.
The shape of the monument is modeled after an ancient Korean commander’s helmet.  Above the helmet are three pillars representing incense, symbolically burning as a tribute to those who died. Within the monument’s open base is a (sometimes filled) pond, representing the Nakdong River, the point at which the North Korean advances were repelled.  The pond surrounds a large golden sphere, with contains mortuary tablets for the dead. These tablets were originally housed in Yongdusan Park in Busan, but when the provincial government shifted from Busan to Changwon, this monument was erected to hold them.

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