Halloween Weekend In Changwon

Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year here in South Korea.  Ten years ago, if you worked here as an English teacher, you may have gotten a little taste of Halloween due to your work environment.  These days, you are seeing more and more signs saying ‘Happy Halloween’, even on advertisements, and more and more sales of Halloween costumes, decorations, and candy!

Halloween has also become a popular night for local establishments as more expats and people living in South Korea dress up for a fun night out including costume contests, games, and even trick or treating.

Changwon isn’t an exception to this as there are more things and events going on the weekend before Halloween than ever before.  People are putting more and more effort and creativity into their Halloween costume designs and now it can be a bit of a challenge to figure out a schedule on where to go and be for all the different costume contests going on around the Changwon area.

Here are some of the events going on in Changwon this coming Halloween weekend and we hope everyone has a fun and sage Halloween!

Friday, October 27

Next Bar Pumpkin Carving
10 PM -Pumpkins supplied
-Five teams/Two people per team
-Winning team will get a coupon for one free pizza and 2 free drinks of their choice

Saturday, October 28

City 7 English Cafe Halloween Party 2 PM


7 PM

-Pumpkin carving
-Snacks and prizes
-Kid friendly



Monster Bar Halloween Event 9 PM -Free Moster cocktail if in costume
-12 am free give aways


Halloween Boat
Halloween Boat Party 8 PM -. Cruising around the sea.
-. Singing and dancing on the boat with Karaoke machine.
-. Best costume contest.
-. Party at the cafe.
-14000won per person


O’Briens Irish Bar Halloween Party 6 PM


-Happy Hour 10pm to 11pm
-Top 3 costumes (announced at midnight)
-Drink specials


(International Pub)
Halloween Party 11 PM -Drink specials
-Best Costume (100,000w Cash)


Warehouse Halloween Party 9 PM


-Korean drinks
-Welcome drink if in costume
-Jegichagi tournament (11pm)


Next Bar Halloween Party 6 PM


-Drink specials
-Pumpkin pizza special


Biskachy Halloween Party 9 PM


-Drink specials
-2 Costume Contests (1am and 3am)


Happy Halloween Everyone!

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