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image2So you’ve stumbled across the sleepy little Naesseo-Eup/Jung-ri/Hogye/Samgye area a little outside of Masan, either because you wanted to see what lay beyond the NC Dino’s Stadium or you’ve just started a new job and been placed out here. It’s easy to feel a little removed from the hustle and bustle of Hapseong-dong or Sangnam-dong in Naesseo – unless you know where to look!

Hopefully this short guide will cover the essentials of living and enjoying this great little area!

Living Essentials

Lottemart and Daiso are located in the heart of Samgye, and provide you most things you could ever need. The Lottemart has all the food you could need to get by. There are some international foods and sauces (Heinz baked beans, tinned tomatoes etc.) a good selection of fresh vegetables and a large fresh as well as a frozen meat section.
It’s not quite the same as other supermarkets such as Homeplus, Emart or other Lottemarts found in Changwon or Masan, but this functional two story supermarket still serves the Naesseo area admirably.

The high street area is also the main hub of activity in Naesseo. It’s home to Wellbeing Gym (fifth floor of the building tagged) and a great English speaking doctor called Jun-ENT Clinic. (It should be noted, that although it is efficient and good, this doctor has an image3infamous reputation of solving most problems with a shot in the bum!).

Eating and Drinking

Naesseo does not have the nightlife to rival Hapseong-dong, Dekkori or Sangnam-dong. There are no international bars for foreigners (there just aren’t enough of us in the area!), but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do here! Whatever your taste buds fancy, there is a great selection of food and restaurants. The area has all the Western Food outlets you could need, including McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Baskin Robbins’ and so on.
If Korean food is your thing then there are three great barbecue places you need to check out.
Wangdolgui (왕돌구이) and Samgyup Party (삼겹파티) are too staple Korean Barbecue places in the area. The service is great, and they are used to dealing with foreign customers. The food is fantastic. Wangdolgui has more of your standard Korean barbecue meat, and the prices are reasonable. Samgyup Party is famous for it’s “fake bacon” barbecue, and also that it is ridiculously cheap!
A personal favorite of mine is the chicken barbecue restaurant Todam Chamsuk Dakgalbi (토담 참숯 닭갈비). It’s a lot smaller than the other restaurants, and the menu is much more limited, but their Soy Sauce Chicken (간장) and ‘Fist’ Rice (주먹밥) – balls of rice, seaweed and vegetables cooked on the barbecue, taste absolutely image1divine!
Wangdolgui and Todam Chamsuk are easy to find, just off the main road, on the street next to the Daiso, whereas Samgyup Party is about 5 minutes walk further up the main road (click their names above to see their location in Daum Maps). A meal for two in any of these places will set you back about 10,000-16,000 Korean Won.

If you’re new to town, consider joining the Naeseo Expats and Friends Facebook Group to meet other people in Samgye or to learn more about the area!

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