Fortune-A New Drama Series For English Language Education !
Fortune-A New Drama Series For English Language Education !

Changwon Expats Bring Us A Drama For English Language Learning

Changwon Expats behind a  fun and interactive new way to learn and teach English with a drama series and now here!

A new drama for English language learning and package for teaching English or learning English is now available for everyone to test out and use.
Whether you are a teacher or a student, you will find this a useful tool and system to use for learning English.

This new program is from Chasing Time English and has two former Changwon Expats behind it,  Craig Nicol and Scott Granville.

Chasing Time English provides an engaging live-action narrative series to learners of English language around the world. In addition, it is supported by specific materials for both independent learners and teachers who can provide a well prepared communicate class. It has been shot for two different levels with A2 (Blue) and B2 (Gold) students in mind.

You can now watch the first episode of their newest drama Fortune, which is available by visiting the Chasing Time English website at

First Episode of Fortune (Blue Level) ->
Activities and Resources for Episode 1 ->

The entire first season of Fortune is also available right now to view for free!  VISIT:


Help out both Craig and Scott by checking out their new system and program for teaching/learning English.
If you like what you see, please Like and Share their posts, videos, and website.
Also leave them some feedback within the comments on both the facebook page and the website.
This is a great idea that we hope with be a useful tool for you.
If you currently live in Changwon City, South Korea, thinking of moving here, or have live in the area, it’s always great to help out fellow Changwon Expats and we hope you do the same!

Chasing Time English

Facebook Page ->
Website ->

What do you think of Fortune, Season 1?

Fortune Season 1

Leave us a rating of what you think about this new series and English language program or contact them directly by clicking the view more button just below!

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