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Excited about the upcoming Winter Olympics? Korean star Kim Yuna will probably dominate the figure skating competition, and if you fall in love with her like the rest of the country has, perhaps you will be inspired to try your hand (or foot) at ice skating. Changwon doesn’t get much snow in the winter, and Yongji Lake barely freezes over. So for a bit of frigid fun, go to the ice skating rink at the Seobu Sports Center!











Enter from the north side of the Sports Center. From the lobby, take the stairs or elevator down to B2, where the ice rink (빙상장) is located.


SB_TicketingSB_Ticketing2 (1)

Buy your ticket using the automatic ticketing machines. An adult who needs to rent their own skates should select the top left option: 성인 (대여포함), for 5,500KRW. You can pay with cash or card. The machine will issue your ticket.


Take your ticket to the skate rental window (대여). Write your shoe size in millimeters on the back of the ticket or tell it to the employees. The sizes range from 180-280mm. (280mm = US Men’s 11.5, UK Men’s 11, and Europe 45. 180mm = US children’s 12-13, UK children’s 11.5-12.5, and Europe 30-31)

SB_LockersYou can store your things in large coin lockers. Put on your skates carefully, then grab a helmet and put on your gloves (both are required) and enter the rink.SB_Helmets SB_Gloves


 Please follow the skating rink rules and skate safely! Have a good time as the K-pop blasts and little kids skate circles around you.SB_Rink

You can get snacks at the snack bar on B2 or B1, take a break to people-watch on the bleachers (but please do not use the stairs with your skates on), and finally return your skates at the same window as before (반납).

The skating rink is open every day, all year round (even on holidays), but it is closed on the first Tuesday of each month. It is open from 9:00am until 5:00pm or 6:00pm (depending on the season).

Seobu Sports Center (서부스포츠센터) is located in Dogye-dong at Woni-daero 56 (원이대로56번길). [Daum Map and Bus Information] A parking lot and a Nubija terminal are located behind the building. By bus, take numbers 10-14, 30-32, 34-35, 100, 102, 105, 122, 155, 213, 751-752, or 505 to Dogye-dong (도계동, 서부스포츠센터) or 703, 710, 757, or 800 to Dogye Gas Station (도계주유소).

Skating Lessons

Ice skating lessons (figure skating, speed skating) are also provided monthly at the rink.

Speed skating (스피드 스케이트)

9:10-10:00am MWF: adult beginner class (40,000KRW/month)

9:10-10:00am TThSatSun: adult class + free skate (80,000KRW/month)

8:00-8:50pm MWF: adult beginner/mixed class (40,000KRW/month)

4pm, 5pm MWF: children’s classes (30,000KRW/month)

4pm, 5pm TThSatSun: children’s classes + free skate (70,000KRW/month)

Figure skating (피겨)

5:00-5:50pm MWF: mixed age/skill class (30-40,000KRW/month)

5:00-5:50pm TThSatSun: mixed age/skill class + free skate (70-80,000KRW/month)

Athletic class (선수반)

6:00-7:50pm M-F: figure skating and short track skating (60,00KRW/month)

(Registration for the athletic class is open to anyone following consultation with skating coach.)

For information/registration, visit or call the Sports Center at 712-0825 or 712-0802.

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