Temples in Jinhae


View of jinhae from sammilsa

There are a few beautiful temples in Jinhae that are well hidden in the Jangbok mountain.

The lower temple, Daegwangsa 대광사, has a beautiful garden and peaceful location.  Upon wandering around, I found myself surprised to see that there was a Sri Lankan monk who lives and manages the temple named Hindra. On several occasions, (besides my own experience) I have heard that he has invited people in to talk about Buddhism over tea. He also mentioned that he can host and arrange temple stays so if anyone is interested, send Changwonderful a message.


Above Daegwangsa, it is fair to mention the Jangbok Sculpture Park.  There are numerous strange sculptures and statues that you can wander around.

Hindra then took me on a walk up the Jangbok mountain to a hilly, mountain temple that overlooks all of Jinhae. This temple, Samilsa 삼 밀 사, immediately greets you with the typical Chinese zodiacs. Walking up further, you’ll see a basic temple pavillion. Now, why am I telling you to hike to a temple when you can see any other temple without working to see it? It is because there are hundreds of statues from serious to humorous behind the pavillion that are layered on the mountain. The view isn’t nearly as cool as the statues.

Anyways, I’ll say no more, go see it for yourself!



How to get there?  (It is right next to Sun Beach Waterpark).

Bus Numbers that go here: 150, 160, 162, 163, 163, 164, 751, 760, 762

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