What’s New With Changwonderful 2017

This site is now being run by Changwoner Entertainment with the hopes of keeping Changwonderful going!  We are currently looking for people interested in helping out by contributing any information regarding the Changwon area including your own stories of Changwon.  Some of the changes with Changwonderful include:

  • A redesign of the site to make it more appealing and mobile platform friendly.
  • A redesign to help you find the information you are looking for and thus being more helpful for users of the site.
  • Keeping Changwonderful’s content and ideas with expanding with new ideas and categories including ‘Stories of Changwon’.
  • Each article is now attributed to an author, meaning you can easily know who wrote what, and by clicking their name, or viewing the contributors page, you can view all of their work!
  • The comments sections has been included again.  The previous site had it removed.  If you would like to comment on any posts now, you can and we would love to hear from you.
  • Changwonderful is now more thoroughly social media integrated, allowing  you to more easily like posts, and send articles to people across all social media platforms.
  • Yes, we are sticking to the sky blue theme of Changwonderful.