How to Check Out a Nubija Bike for a Day with Your Phone and ARC

Happy spring! It is no longer too cold outside to commute by bike, so now is a great time to take advantage of Changwon’s public bike rental system, Nubija! You can buy a yearly pass for 20,000 won or a one-day (24-hour) pass for 1,000 won.

In order to check out a Nubija bike for a day, you must have a South Korean cell phone and an Alien Registration Card. Proceed to any Nubija terminal in Changwon, Masan, or Jinhae and follow the instructions and photos below, courtesy Coby Zeifman and his hand.

Step 1. On the home screen, select the option just below “ENGLISH” (1일회원 결제, 1-day membership payment).


Step 2. Select the option on the left, with the credit card icon (1일 이용권결제, 1-day pass). This will lead you to two “fine-print” screens. Click past them.


Step 3. You will be prompted to input your cell phone number (휴대폰번호).


Step 4. You will be prompted to input your ARC number (주민등록번호) — to be precise, the resident registration number of the cell phone user.


Step 5. Select your cell phone service provider: SK Telecom, KT, or LG U+.


Step 6. You will then receive a text message with a 6-digit verification code. Input this verification code (인증번호). This step will automatically process the 1,000 won fare for a one-day bike rental; it will be added to your phone bill. (Be aware of this if you use a pay-as-you-go phone or are not on a cell phone contract.)


Step 7. You will then receive a text message with an 8-digit pass code. Input this 8-digit pass code (1일이용권번호). Do not delete the text message, as you will need the code later if you Re-Nubija (renew the rental after two hours).


Step 8. Go to the docks to choose the bike you want to ride. Be sure to look at the bike’s physical condition; inspect the wheels, seat, gears, brakes, etc. Locate the dock number, and select that bike on the screen.


Step 9. Go back to the bike you chose in the previous step. The light on the dock should be yellow. Place your thumb on the circular metal button; the light will turn green and the bike will pop out.

Step 10. Enjoy your ride! You may return the bike at any other terminal in the city.

Renting multiple bikes. You may use one phone number and ARC number to check out multiple bikes. Simply repeat the entire process after you finish checking out your first bike.

Re-Nubija (Bike renewal). A daily rental is good for 24 hours, but the bike must be docked every two hours (ninety minutes on weekends). You can dock a bike and check it out again immediately at any terminal for an additional two hours. First, dock your bike. Go to the kiosk and repeat Step 1 on the home screen. Then, select the option on the right, with the bike icon (1일 이용권 대여, 1-day rental). From there, repeat Steps 7-10 (starting from the 8-digit pass code).


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