Tax Office

Taxes are something we don’t think too much about while in Korea. If you want information about taxes you can go here, here, or call 1588-0560 to get information in English. You can call the local tax office, but it is best to expect Korean only.
(055) 239-0200 Changwon/Jinhae Office
(055) 240-0200 Masan Office

If you have been in Korea for over a year, you can check to see if you get money back from your taxes. To do this, go to your local tax office and bring:

  • your ARC
  • your Passport
  • Your bank information

Some people find that they receive money back, while others owe taxes, so please consider this. It is important to make sure that your employers are following all the tax rules. See the websites above for more information on taxes.

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