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UPDATE 2016: Updates have started but, this map may be out of date! Help us make it better by adding your knowledge to the map. If you see something that doesn’t exist, delete it! If you have a place to add, GO FOR IT! Click HERE to get started!

The above map is just the beginning of our multiple part series: Better Know a Dong. The points of interest for each Dong are different. Sangnam Dong specializes in restaurants and clubs. While not everything is listed, this map can be a guide to the basics. Not only will there be updates to this map, we will also try to feature some of these places via video and informative posts. Below is a list of the maps contents, with applicable links.

Restaurants / Cafes

Holly’s Coffee
(할리스 창원상남점)
Holly’s is a great location, usually not to crowded and also has really great ice cream! Good for meeting bigger groups.
(스타벅스 창원상남동점)
Same as back home, only more expensive! You can find many foreigners here on the weekends.
One of the few places that has soy milk.
Yet Gol To Sung
Delicious Duck Restaurant. They also serve delicious beef and ribs. They have a lunch special as well. Good for large groups. Slightly expensive, but on par with other duck restaurants in the area.
Sangnam Retaurant
I have never actually been to the restaurant, but had food delivered from here. The Spicy Beef Soup is amazing!
Bultanun DalkGalbi
2nd floor. Spicy chicken and vegetables cooked in front of you. This place is very popular. At dinner there can be a 15 to 30 minute wait. But it is worth it!
Sah Dae
Delicious samgypsal. This restaurant is open 24 hours and has a very nice staff. The menu is a bit more expensive than other places but its because the quality is also superior.
Japanese style ramen. It’s about 7,000 for a plate.
Delicious Spicy chicken, cheese and rice dish. Open until 10pm.
Shabu Hyang
Shabu Shabu Restaurant. 12,000 per serving. Rice paper, boiled meat and amazing sauces. Mostly chair seating.
Gye Gyung Mog Cham
Traditional Korean Style Restaurant. Good for lunch special. More sides then the table can hold and dwenchangjijae for the main dish.


Sangnam Market
This market is open on days that end in 4 and 9 (4th, 9th, 14th, 19th, etc) and has frech fruit and vegetables, nuts, and lots of seafood at reasonable prices.
Playstation Store
New and used Playstation and Xbox games. The owner speaks a little English.
(알파 창원점)
Stationary Store. Two stories of things you never knew you didn’t need.
Kidari English Bookstore
Great for English Coursebooks, and chapter books. They have a huge selection of books for teaching English as well as a selection of novels and dictionaries. If they don’t have what you are looking for, ask the staff, who speak English well, and they will order it if they can.
Digital Bank
Nice Camera Shop. DSLRs and accessories. The man speaks a little English.
Kyobo Kyobo is a bookstore that sells books in English. They are located in the basement of the building behind Lotte Department store. Just walk past the coffee shop and Lions Subs (formerly Subway) and look for stairs going down on your right.

Entertainment / Bars

Batting Cages
Open late.
Great place to go watch a DVD or Play Playstation or Wii. You rent a room for one activity and can hang out for awhile.
Master Changwon Screen Golf
8th floor Screen Golf. A highlight here is that the floor adjusts for the angle of the course.
Norebang (6th floor)
Great Karaoke place. Personal bathrooms in each room.
Wa Bar
Tall glasses of Korean beer. Tons of bottled beers from around the world. Korean style bar, so it is polite to order a food item for the table with your drinks.


Hwasulim Sauna
Nice, small, cute Jjimjilbang. Located on the 5th floor. Cheap place to stay the night (on warm floors)
Hair Salon. They are very friendly and the cost is between 12,000 and 15,000. It is best to bring a picture of what you are looking for because they don’t speak amazing English. If you don’t want them to take a lot off, say “Ta dum ah Chu se say yo” “다듬어주세요.” This means Trim. You can also say “Chogum Man Chala, chu say yo.” “조금만잘라주세요.”
HanMaEum Hospital
Good for normal doctor things. They have a dentist on the 5th floor that speaks English.
Private women’s health doctor. 7th floor. He speaks English.
China Massage
Affordable massages.
Changwon Post Office
Open weekdays and on Saturdays in the mornings.

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