Important Phone Numbers and Information

While these are not all specifically Changwon-related, the information below is a collection of relevant phone numbers and websites with English language information that will help with life in Korea. This list is not complete, so if you see something that is missing, please send us a message so that we can add it to the list. This wiki has a lot of useful numbers as well.

Phone Numbers

Area Codes
Seoul – 02
Gyeonggi – 031
Incheon – 032
Gangwon – 033
Chungnam – 041
Daejeon – 042
Chungbuk – 043
Busan – 051
Ulsan – 052
Daegu – 053
Gyeongbuk – 054
Gyeongnam – 055
Jeonnam – 061
Gwangju – 062
Jeonbuk – 063
Jeju – 064

Emergency Services (Do not need area codes)
1339 – Trained medical staff available 24 hours a day in 12 languages with advice for medical emergencies. Can also call an ambulance if necessary.
119 – Fire and Medical (by law should be able to forward the call to an English speaker)
112 – Police (by law should be able to forward the call to an English speaker)

Free Translation services
1588-5644- BBB provides translation services for free since the 2002 World Cup
(area code) 1330 –  Provides Tourism information, but can assist with translation when needed.

Internet, Cable and Cell phone Providers English service
KT – 1583 from KT device
KT Telecom – 1588-8448
KT – 02-2190-1180 from a not KT device
SK Broadband – 106. Press 0 and ask for English.
SK – 080-252-5011

LG – 114 from an LG phone. Wait until you hear English and press 1 (will take about 5 seconds)

Websites & Phone Numbers

Movie Times – an English website for movie times.

Tourism – Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) English Website
(Area code for desired destination) + 1330 English speakers assist with tourism related questions.

Employment and Labor an official English website for the Ministry of Employment and Labor in South Korea.
Call: 1350 (Press #7 to speak to an English operator)

Customs – Customs information in English.

Immigration – E-Government for Foreigners. Employment Support and links to all governmental websites in English. – Immigration information in English.
Call: 1345 – Immigration information in several languages, including English. Talk with a live person about your specific immigration questions.
Masan Immigration Office (055) 222-9272, (055) 223-0748 (Possible English)

Health Insurance– National Health Insurance Corporation (NHIC) English Website
(02)390-2000 National number M-F 8am-7pm (except holidays)

Taxes – National Tax Service English Website
English Hotline: 1588-0560
(055) 239-0200 Changwon/Jinhae Office
(055) 240-0200 Masan Office

Pension – National Pension Service (NPS) English Website
(055) 278-9001 Changwon Regional Office.
(055) 290-4501~03 Masan Regional Office.
Complete list of International Phone Numbers

NongHyup Bank 1588-2100 ext. 730 (English)
KEB Bank – 1544-3000 (English)
KB – 1644-9999 (listen for English option)

Search Engines – Korean Search Engine – Korean Search Engine

Maps Korean Maps Korean Maps

Transportation – Useful information about all forms of transportation in Korea. – Korea Railroad. Make reservations in English with your passport. – Express buses. Make reservations in Korean. English website provides times and tickets remaining.
Avis (AJ Rental Car) – 1544-1600. When someone answers, ask for an English speaker. They will either put you on hold, give you a number to call, or call back with an English speaker to assist with rental cars. Changwon’s office is located in Jungang Dong, just past the Changwon Hotel on the small road.

Changwon, Masan, Jinhae Sites
Changwon Bus Terminal – Korean only (Changwonderful map of destinations)
Masan Bus Terminals – Korean only (Changwonderful map of destinations)
Jinhae Transportation – Jinhae buses and transportation information
Changwon’s Official Website – English Version
Changwon’s Official Blog – English Version

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