Bulgoksa is a temple located within Changwon City limits. It is in Daebang Dong, and offers a little slice of tranquility and beauty without that pesky travel time. Located on the side of a hill, this trip can include a short walk to the top for further relaxation. Bulgoksa is unique in the following ways:

  • It is close. If you have never seen a temple in Korea, or have a friend visiting for a few days, this is a great little introduction to Korean style temples.
  • The hill behind it is just big enough to enjoy a quick walk around and get some fresh air without dedicating a whole day to a hike.
  • The paintings on the side of the temples are very unique. Bold lines and brilliant colors make them worth checking out.

It is approximately 3km from Changwon City Hall.  It is located near the SangNam Library just off the main road, so just about any bus heading that way will take you.

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