The Changwon Expats Facebook Group gets quite a few requests during summertime for the whereabouts of the Bukmyeon river beach so I figured I’d write up something about this place. Bukmyeon is known for its persimmons and hot springs. In a previous article, we wrote about these hot springs. Now as for Bukmyeon’s swimming hot spot, one can find a sandy beach along the Nakdong river. The water is usually very warm and the beach is almost always empty thus it is not only a perfect getaway from the noisy beaches of Busan, it also is great for private free camping. Be sure to come prepared because there will be no convenience stores in walking distance. The area is decorated with a ton of persimmon trees so keep an eye out for persimmon season also!


How to get there:

Bus 10 goes from outside the Changwon E-mart to the town of Bukmyeon and one can taxi from there or bus 11 goes very close to the beach location – the bus stop for 11 is 안신천(북면방면) Please look at the map below for 안신천(북면방면) bus stop which is about a 15 minute walk from the beach. It also is close to the nearest public bathroom. 

Additionally, there are two buses, bus 14 (from Changwon E-mart) and bus 11 (from Masan) that go to the closest possible bus stop to the beach, 명촌(명촌마을방면) . Here is a map to 명촌(명촌마을방면) .

Here is a rough map of the river beach.

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