Cafe Street


Garosoo-gil (가로수길), or Café Street in Changwon : Yongji-ro 239 beon-gil.

Garosoo-gil in Korean (가로수길) means a tree-lined street. The most famous avenue with this moniker is in the ritzy Sinsa-dong in Seoul, but Changwon has its own Garosoo-gil in Yongji-dong, near Yongji Lake. The official name of the street is 용지로239번길 (Yongji-ro 239 beon-gil), but it’s more commonly known to expats as the Cafe Street because, well, it has a lot of cafes.

In fact, Changwon’s tree-lined street has cafes, art gallery-slash-cafes, art galleries, restaurants, shops or boutiques, flower shops, a convenience store, and parks. Did I mention the chocolate shop/café? This includes businesses located along the 800-meter street itself and in the surrounding neighborhood.

In the spring or summer, the shade of the trees and the sight of people relaxing outdoors at the cafes make a stroll down Garosoo-gil quite lovely indeed. It’s also beautiful in the fall as the leaves change color. Why don’t you spend an afternoon exploring the garden or running around Yongji Lake and then catch up with friends over coffee or tea?

Below are photos of some of the cafes and restaurants currently open for business.   (Please remember that businesses do change.)

Please enjoy your next visit to Changwon’s Cafe Street!


Romana : an Italian restaurant.


Sushihon (수시혼) : a sushi restaurant.

Garosoo - M&M

m&m coffee and music : a unique, cluttered little cafe/leather workshop/performance space where you can listen to live music while drinking a latte and making a new wallet from scratch. Music and leather working lessons are also offered by the kind owner and his wife.


Mannyeondang (만년당) : a cafe that offers a nice Korean lunch set for about 9,000 won.

casa di bro

Casa di Bro : an Italian restaurant and natural kitchen.

Kokoro Jemyeonsu (코코로 제면수) : a Japanese udon restaurant.

Garosoo - Panasia

PANASIA : an Asian fusion restaurant chain that is located above Mamas Hands, a ceramic boutique, and La Vie, a flower shop. Mamas Hands offers ceramics classes.


Phomia : a Vietnamese cafe. Please note that this cafe is closed every Sunday.

Garosoo - Oishi

Oishi Hamburger (오이시 함바그) : a restaurant that specializes in Japanese-style “hambagu” steak, using high-quality Korean beef which you cook yourself on a super-heated iron slab.


Dularaeche (뜰아래채)

Garosoo - Cafe Viva

Café Viva (카페비바)

Garosoo - Flower Cafe

Yigang’s “The Story of Wildflowers” Gallery Cafe (이강의 들꽃 이야기) : sip tea in a plant-filled cafe decorated with ceramics and paintings. The artwork on display is for sale. They have a point card that entitles you to a small potted plant after 20 stamps.


은화수식당 : a Japanese style restaurant the offers tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) and curry.


평소 : a cafe offering three lunch sets and a couple salads. Deliciously limited.

So Full

SoFull : an Italian restaurant.

Tae-In Coffee

tae-in COFFEE : a small cafe located below So Full.

Cafe Hau

Cafe HaU (카페하우) : A social enterprise project. Check the Changwonderful archive for our past feature on Cafe Hau! There is a resident cat at this cafe. His name is Nyangko.


Garosoo : the aptly named cafe of Garosoo-gil.


&soyou : a cafe offering hand dripped coffee.

Garosoo - 365Mart

Convenience store 365 Sale Mart (할인마트) and cafe about J (어바웃제이).


Diesel Coffee Roasters

Garosoo - 7gram

Cafe 7gram : a franchised cafe that offers gelato in addition to the standard coffee fare.


Angel-in-us Coffee : a chain cafe that offers a selection of coffees, teas, and desserts.

Garosoo - Albeto

ALBETO : an Italian restaurant with a decent menu selection, reasonable prices, and extremely large doors. While you’re dining, take a look above and check out the bookcases.


Oslo: A cafe with a more intimate setting.


Jayeonchae Boribap (자연채 보리밥) : a restaurant that offers vegetarian bibimbap.


Dahyang (다항) : a Buddhist based restaurant that offers lotus rice.


올리브 장작 : a pizzeria with indoor and outdoor seating.

cafe greeda

Greeda : a cafe for American casual coffee.


Culture Cafe G-An : coffee, book, dessert, and interior furniture cafe. A cafe with an interesting vibe for a unique setting.


Todos : a New Mexican Cuisine restaurant offering tacos, burritos, quesadillas, as well as  tableside guacamole. English menus are available.


Cafe Sotong : a cafe for communication offering language coaching in English, Korean, Japanese, and French. Check out Changwonderful’s review of Cafe Sotong for more information!

Dining J

Dining J : an Italian restaurant located above Cafe Sotong.

Coffee Please

Coffee Please Roasters : a tiny cafe located off the main street.


December : a cafe located off the main street.

coffee please robot

coffee please


Meomureuda (머무르다) : a nice cafe with a few lunch sets.


Cafe Nescafé

Mi Sul

Misulkwan Yeop Danpatjuk (미술관 옆 단팥죽) : a small cafe famous for its sweet red bean porridge. It closes early.

Cafe Aurora

Cafe Aurora (카페 오로라) : A cafe that has a small selection of bingsu.

Garosoo - Mica

Mica (미카) : a chocolate coffee shop and chocolate-making school!

Garosoo - Guksu Bowl

A Bowl of Guksu (국수 한그룻) : a traditional Korean chopped noodle soup shop

Garosoo - Cafe d'Ate

Caffe d’Ate (카페 디아때) : roasting coffee and dessert.

Below is a map from Google Maps of Garosu-gil and its cafes, some landmarks, and the closest bus stops. (Garosu-gil is a walk-able distance from City Hall, the Rotary, Yongji Lake, Sungsan Art Hall, the Provincial Government Office, and even Changwon University.)

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