International Churches in Changwon

For foreigners who want to get involved in a Christian religious community in Changwon, there are a few options. As of July 2014, Smyrna Church in Sapa-dong has closed its English worship service, but in its place, a branch of Redeemer Church (based in Busan) will open in Sangnam-dong. This new launch was the impetus for this article. As more information is gathered about churches in Changwon (and Masan/Jinhae), we will update it.

1. Redeemer ICC Changwon
Redeemer is an independent church in Busan, and they will launch a new campus in Changwon beginning July 2014. Services will be at 4:00pm on Sundays with preaching by Pastor Dan Collins and James Howard. The meeting place is Cafe Send, a coffee shop in Sangnam-dong near SLP hagwon and POLY hagwon. The congregation is a small but dedicated group of foreigners looking to grow in the heart of Changwon!

Address: Cafe Send (카페샌드), Seongsan-gu Madimidong-ro 3 Daejin Shopping Center 4th floor (성산구 마이미동로3 대진상가 4층)
Facebook Group: redeemerchangwon

2. Hanbit International Christian Fellowship
HICF is an English-language ministry under Hanbit Presbyterian Church. Services are at 11:00am on Sundays, with messages by Pastor Mark Kreitzer and Missionary Arianne Van Wingerden. The church is located right by Yongji Park and near Sungsan Art Hall. The congregation is made up of international and Korean families. Once a month, communion is held with the main Korean service, with simultaneous English interpretation provided. Outside of the services, many members volunteer at an orphanage, and several times a year, there are weekend excursions and retreats.

Address: Hanbit Presbyterian Church (한빛교회), Sinwol-dong 42, Changwon (창원 의창구 신월동 42번지)
Contact: Missionary Arianne Van Wingerden (
Facebook Group: HICF

3. Namsan Church
Namsan Church has an English/Tagalog-language ministry catering toward the Filipino community in Changwon. Services are at 3:00pm and 7:00pm on Sundays. The church is located between Oe-dong and Ballim-dong, at the end of Garosoo-gil (and not far from Yongji Lake).

Address: Changwon Namsan Church (창원남산교회), Ballim-dong 1, Changwon (창원 성산구 반림동 1번지)
Facebook Group: namsanchurchchangwon

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Here is a map of these three churches:

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We always welcome tips and more information from our readers. If you know more information about these churches, any other English-languages services, or worship services for other religions (Islam, Judaism, etc.) please contact us on our Facebook page!

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