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The Post Office in Korea is very helpful and useful if you have some basic Korean. If you are not confident in your Korean, the best advice is to tell your coworker what you need to do and ask them to write a note for you. The employees at the post office will help you from there.

You can get all the supplies you need for sending things at the post office, including tape, boxes of varying sizes, and bubble wrap. You can register your mail, and track it online and on your phone. Use the Korea Post Website to find more information.

Shipping boxes back home?
Here are some tips:

1. Ship surface, not air for a cheaper option. It takes 2 to 3 months for delivery time. Much cheaper. The biggest box you can ship by surface is the Size 5 box.
You can use this Korean: 짐을 (country) 보낼려고 합니다 배편으로 보낼려고 합니다

2. Boxes can be a max 20 kg. Fill em up! At 10 kg it cost 31,300 won to send to zone 3, but at 20 kg it costs 53,600. That an almost 10,000 won difference.

3. Use the Korea Post website. It is in English!

4.Go to your local neighborhood post office. They haven’t been jaded by hundreds of frustrated foreigners. My local post office helped me tape my boxes and gave me service with a smile!

Here is a map with the Post Offices pinned. Find the closest to you by scrolling in, the map will adjust.

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