Mybi Bus and Nubija Pass

If you use the bus frequently or are interested in Nubija, it is a great idea to get a Mybi. They can be bought at any GS25 or Family Mart and save you 100 won per ride on all buses.

Buying a Mybi
Usually the Mybis are located behind the counter. Ask the person behind the counter “Mybi ChewSayOh?” They will show you the options. Several varieties exist, so if you don’t like what you see, just walk down the street a few stores and go to the next convenience store, asking the same question, until you find one you like. They cost about 7,000 won plus whatever money you decide to put on the Mybi.

Charging a Mybi
To put money on your Mybi, put it on the device at the counter. You can put as much money on the card as you want, but you must pay cash. You can also find them in some vending machines, though none in Changwon.

Using a Mybi
Mybi should be swiped at the device entering and exiting a bus. If you get on another bus within 40 minutes, you can transfer for free in Changwon.
Mybi can be used for Nubija as well. For more information on Nubija (the biking system in Changwon) follow this link.
Outside of Changwon, popular places to use the Mybi are the Busan and Seoul subways, some taxis, and convenience stores. More details can be found here.
Mybi can be used all over Korea except for in Gangwon Province, Daegu and Daejeon.
It cannot be recharged in Seoul, Gyeongi Province, Daejeon, Daegu or Jeju, so if you are heading to Seoul, for example, make sure you charge it before you go!
Here is a map, for clarity.

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