We’ve been fortunate enough to have several talented people help us with content.  Here’s a list of all our contributors.  Click their names to see their articles.

Current Contributors to Changwonderful

Scott McFarlane Current Owner and Designer/Tech

Former Contributors to Changwonderful

Heather Henrichs Founder
Tim Robinson Founder 
Jake Clark Senior Changwonderful Baseball Expert
Conrad Hughes The Man with the Plam
Niall Ruddy Coins to Notes Exchange Facilitator
Eric Hidalgo Snot Rocket Scientist
Alex Broda Polish Lightning
Andrew Cheng Cafe Enthusiast
Victoria Majeika Master of Jinhae
Margaret Lehmann Pursuer of Happiness

We’re always looking for more help.  If you have something you want to tell the world about Changwon, shoot us a message on our Facebook page!