Cookie Plaza

While not the cheapest option for foreign foods, Cookie Plaza (쿠키프라자) does have some things that no other shops in Changwon have, namely baking supplies. If you are lucky enough to own an actual oven, this place has a plethora of ingredients, utensils and kitchen wares, conveniently located all in one place. You can also check B Han’s in Jungang.

If you lack an oven, you will be happy to know Cookie Plaza has cheese, BBQ sauce, oatmeal, taco seasoning packets, frozen tortillas, salami, various spices, and frozen treats. If they are out of something, the friendly staff will take your phone number and text you when it arrives. Just say “text?” and give them your phone number.

To get to Cookie Plaza:

From the Dunkin Donuts in Sangnam. Head towards and then past Domino’s staying on the right hand side of the street. Walk for a few blocks, until you see a pedestrian crossing on the street. Cookie Plaza will be the next storefront on your right, up a small flight of stairs.

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