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Edit 23/03/14: National Health Insurance now seemingly does cover dental! We’re not 100% sure on the details but for now just assume that it’s going to be cheaper. If anyone has the low down on what the accurate prices are with insurance, please message us. Either way, it is not too expensive to go for check-up, emergencies, and cleanings.

Hanmaeun Hospital

The dentist office in Hanmaeun Hospital comes recommended for their honesty. Polishing, scaling and a checkup are 60,000 won and you can go without an appointment. The receptionist here is always happy to see foreigners and they have a form to fill out that is in English to get your background information. They will do pictures and scans and the staff who do the cleaning have the basics (“Lift your hand if you are in pain.” “Turn your head left.”) down, so no need to worry about important communication.

If you wish to make an appointment, you can call 055 274-2275.

They are open from 9-6 Monday through Friday, 9 – 1 on Saturdays.
Lunch break is from 1-2pm.

Sm Cha Dental Clinic 

A friendly dental clinic in Sangnam-dong. Dr.Cha, the dentist, speaks English. His staff is incredibly warm and welcoming. They offer the standard dental procedures such as polishing, scaling, x-rays, etc. The prices are reasonable. Appointments are not needed, but will be set up if additional visits are required.

Important notes: If you are “lucky” enough to require a root canal, the entire procedure will take about 6 visits. The procedure itself is not very expensive as those visits are covered partially by insurance. It’s the cap or crown that is expensive and not covered. The base price for the gold crown is 400,000 won. In addition, this is also a great place for those that are a little fearful of the dentist.

If you wish to make an appointment, you can call 055 261-2875. You will need to speak Korean in order to accomplish this.

Address: 세인프라자 201호

They are open on weekdays from 9:30 until 7:00 and on Saturday from 9:30 until 2:00. They take lunch from 1:00 until 2:30 so no appointments are available at that time.


If you have additional information for the other dentist on this map or if you have a recommendation for a dentist, please let us know

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