Yongji Lake

One thing that people seem to know about before they come to Changwon is Yongji Lake. Yongji is a very small manmade lake. It has a nice soft track around it and a nice field behind it to play or relax.

The crown jewel of this lake is the the water show which happens twice a night for 30 minutes, March 15th through November 30th (except rainy days and the third Monday of each month).

May15-Sept. 14th the shows start at 8:30pm and 9:30.
Sept. 15-Oct. 21st the shows start at 8:00pm and 9:00pm.
Lastly, Nov. 1-30th the shows are at 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

One of the most exciting parts of the lake is the Yongji Lake-Music in the Park event that happens regularly Spring through early Fall. Some people bring instruments, some people bring wine, everyone brings their voice and enjoys the music and the night. To get the latest information, join the facebook group Yongji Lake-Music in the Park.

How to get to Yongji Lake:

Address: South Korea, Gyeongsangnam-do, Uichang-gu, Yongji-dong, 551-4
Korean Address: 경남 창원시 의창구 용지동 551-4
Taxi: “Yong-Chee Hoe Sue Ga Chew Say Oh.” 용지호수 가주세요.
Buses: 100, 111, 116, 507 go the closest to the lake. If those are inconvenient, any of the buses that go to Changwon City Hall will work. Using the Korean address above, copy it into daum maps to find the buses.

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