Movie Makers of Changwon

This post is the first of a series looking at the people who live or lived in Changwon and create.  Specifically, this post looks at the movie makers of our city, past and present.

It would be naive to claim this to be the definitive source on the topic, as certainly, there are many pockets of foreigners unknown to us, and our reach only spans back to 2009.  Therefore, if you or someone you know should also be included in this list, please contact us on our facebook page.

Brian Hammonds

The Morning Calm from Brian Hammonds on Vimeo.

Brian Hammonds, who live in Changwon from 10/2010 to 03/2012 uses his DSLR to take thousands of photos and transform them into time-lapse movies, juxtaposing frenetic city traffic with the passing clouds by temples and other nature scenes, such as Junam Reservoir.

While Brian has been into photography for awhile, his current interest in photography has been for the last year and a half, while the time-lapse movies have been an interest for the last year.

To see more of Brian’s movies, check out his Vimeo page.  Pay special attention to his epic, multi-country time-lapse chronicling his way back to America, The Journey Home.

Brad Hammonds

Corea from brad hammonds on Vimeo.

Brad, twin brother of Brian, uses time-lapse, and also incorporates video footage into his montages.  This allows a slower pace, and more intimate look at the local people.  Don’t be fooled though – Brad’s movies can burst with energy, throwing the viewer into the world of Korea’s night life.

Brad arrived in Changwon in 06/2010, beginning photography that November, and movie making the following April.  He left our city in 04/2011, and has been in Prague since.  Check out his recently completed Prague video on his Vimeo page, and be sure to see his other movies there, including movies about biking to Geoje, and boarding in Changwon.

Lindsay Auten

As opposed to the previous two entries, Lindsay Auten’s movies focus primarily on the lives of foreigners living in Korea.  Lindsay has been here off and on for 4 years, and often has her video camera on hand around town and during vacation travels around the country, chronicling everyday scenes of foreigner life – driving, eating, talking, etc.  These movies (as of this writing, there are 29!) give an insight into our lives that’s too often overlooked.

Lindsay’s movies can be found on her blog.  To see them, highlight ‘Videos’ on the top menu bar of her blog.

Gregory Heathco

O’Briens from Gregory Heathco on Vimeo.

Gregory’s movies take a similar personal interest in Changwon’s foreigner population, and distills it into tightly packed music videos.  If your time in Changwon has intersected with Gregory’s (11/2010 – 11/2011) or the people featured, then his knack for capturing expressions in joyful moments could very well leave you feeling nostalgic for past weekends (weeknights?) in Changwon.

Gregory has been making movies since his camp counseling days 7 years ago.  His movies can be found on his Vimeo page, and feature his travels to other countries as well as travels around Korea.

Mike Crawford and Richarquis de Sade

Mike and Richarquis came from varied creative areas (sound engineering and photography, respectively), to team up to create a series of video lessons for public school.  After a year living in Changwon back in 2009-10, Mike left and came back, ending up living within five minutes of Richarquis.  As they began creating there videos, (written together, filmed by Richarquis, edited/directed by Mike) they received positive feedback.

Details and skills became more finely tuned, and equipment steadily improved to a decidedly impressive level.  After the 10th video, Mike and Richarquis folded more people into the collaboration, which then led to:

Plam. Productions

Conrad Hughes and Adam Chaikin joined up Mike and Richarquis during their video lessons, and Niall Ruddy approached them with an idea for a short story.  This became the catalyst for forming Plam.  Conrad and Niall both brought experiance in writing, while Adam brought in-front-of-the-camera acting and media production experiance.

Their original project, the short film “persòn”, was filmed in Changwon, written by Conrad and Niall, edited by Mike, and filmed by Richarquis, with music by Mike and Conrad.  It starred Adam, along with Conrad, Trent Sosa, and Chantelle Anderson.  To see more information, including photos, downloadable music and more, visit the film’s website.

Plam’s next project is nearing completion as of this writing.  A feature-length film, Amber Baptist promises to significantly improve upon their first film, with greater attention to production, and ever-improving equipment.  For this film, Richarquis is in charge of filming and color correction.  Mike is in charge of editing, sound and original score.  Niall is in charge of art direction – sets, costumes, props, etc.  Conrad wrote, directed the film, while Adam, along with David Slapak and Alex Broda starred, and the film features a couple dozen other familiar faces.  Both Conrad and Niall produced the film, while all five Plam members executive produced.  In addition to Mike’s original score, a multi-band soundtrack is also in the works.

Currently, Amber Baptist intends for a October 3rd, 2012 premiere date, and hopes to get into film festivals around the country.  Stay tuned to Plam’s facebook page for details.

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