City Buses

Articles about city buses in Changwon:

Daum Maps 2

Part two! In the first post I explained how to search for directions, but didn’t really go into some of the many things that Daum maps can do. In this post I will cover how to search for things or services that you might find yourself needing while in Korea. …

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Daum Maps

Since I first arrived in Korea, I have gone through several different methods of trying to keep track of bus numbers and how to navigate the bus system. At first, I kept a handy list of all the routes that went to my school and places that I often frequented. …

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Mybi Bus and Nubija Pass

If you use the bus frequently or are interested in Nubija, it is a great idea to get a Mybi. They can be bought at any GS25 or Family Mart and save you 100 won per ride on all buses. Buying a Mybi Usually the Mybis are located behind the counter. …

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City Bus Numbering Guide

Recently, anyone frequenting a bus stop in Changwon will have noticed that the bus route maps have been removed.  Addtionally, many bus numbers have been changed or removed. This was caused by the city updating the bus system to fold in Jinhae and Masan’s buses. Normally, the easiest (computer/smart phone-aided) …

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