Chungchoon Kitchen


Not too far from the market, there is a restaurant named Chungchoon Kitchen. The windows are painted in random English words which definitely stands out and probably is what drew us in!

The restaurant style is Western and every meal on the menu is meant to be shared. The menu is small but definitely not lacking as well as very affordable.  As two foreigners, we were thinking, “yes, let’s order three dishes, the prices aren’t bad so why not?” Three dishes meant about 6 people worth of food and although the waiter insisted this was too much food, we didn’t care. (They gave us to go boxes). We ordered their speciality salad which was really delicious, a limeade (also meant for two, it is big!), a seafood pasta, and a rice dish! Below are some photos of the food and menu. Check it out, it was delicious! Just make sure to remember that the portions are meant for two and you shouldn’t order six portions for two people! I believe their kitchen closes at 9 and they are quite strict on that so make sure to get there earlier than 9!

Here is a Korean review of the same restaurant.

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