Articles with hand-designed infographs produced by Changwonderful:

Changwon Waste and Recycling

Recycling can be confusing in any city across the world. We are here to bring clarity to a difficult and confusing procedure, that, once it understood, helps not just the environment, but help you meet the high standards of your landlord. Korea has a very successful recycling system.  But, to …

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Changwon’s Neighborhood System

If you don’t have a handle on Korea’s administrative divisions, please read our article on that topic first. Changwon (according to its website) has a population nearing 1.1 million people.  In 2010, it incorporated the bordering cities Jinhae and Masan.  Consequentially, has undergone redistricting to accommodate its larger size. At the highest level, the city is divided …

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An Introduction to Korea’s Administrative Divisions

South Korea is divided and subdivided in generally clear and easy to understand ways. The following is a brief introduction: The country is divided into 9 provinces (도) (Jeju is one, though it is self-governing (특별 자치도)), 6 metropolitan cities (광역시), and 1 special city (특별시) (Seoul) which serves as the country’s capital.  The metropolitan cities are governed …

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Buses to the Airports (Busan and Incheon)

Whether you are flying out of Incheon, or Gimhae, there are buses to get you straight to the airport from Changwon. Gimhae International Airport (PUS)   Website: **Please not that “Masan Station” refers to Masan KTX Train station, not a bus terminal in Masan. Above are the places to pick …

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