Changwon’s Neighborhood System

If you don’t have a handle on Korea’s administrative divisions, please read our article on that topic first.

Changwon (according to its website) has a population nearing 1.1 million people.  In 2010, it incorporated the bordering cities Jinhae and Masan.  Consequentially, has undergone redistricting to accommodate its larger size.

At the highest level, the city is divided into districts called 구 (gu).  There are five districts, with Jinhae gu covering former Jinhae city, Masanhoewon gu and Masanhappo gu covering former Masan city, and Seongsan gu and Uichang gu covering the former boundaries of Changwon.

Each of these districts are divided in neighborhoods called 동 (dong), townships called 면 (myeon) and towns called 읍 (eup).  Townships and towns represent the more rural areas of the city, and are further divided into small villages called 리 (ri).

The more populated areas of the city are divided into neighborhoods.  This, in itself, is a simple end to the explanation, but anyone who has gone online to find where their dong or someone else’s dong is located, will often find city maps to not line up with what they’ve experienced in real life. This is due to the fact that each district gu has been divided into dongs which serve as administrators to areas of the city.  These administrative, or borough dongs (동) are larger areas that are often represented on city maps and online map websites.  Much more difficult to find on maps are the legal dongs (법정동) that are what every day people use to define areas of town.

Confused?  Here is an example:

The area around Yongji Lake is commonly referred to as Yongho dong.  However, looking at daum maps or another site, might only say the area in known as Yongji dong.  This because Yongji dong is now considered to also house the small areas of Yongho dong, Banseong dong, and Sinwol dong.

If this is more specificity than you wanted, know this: as of this writing no map has been found to include the smaller, commonly known neighborhoods, so here is a breakdown, district by district of each larger neighborhood and what commonly known neighborhoods they consist of.

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