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Changwon’s Official English Website

Changwon CIty English Website

Changwon official english-language city website, https://changwon.go.kr/language/main.do, can be overwhelming at first glance, but with a little digging, it’s possible to find some interesting, albeit flawed information. The website is divided into six sections: About Changwon, Enviromental Capital, Business, Culture & Tourism, Living, and Community. The following is a breakdown of each section: About Changwon The first …

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Halloween In Changwon!

Changwon City, Halloween 2018

It’s an EARLY HALLOWEEN in CHANGWON! It’s an early Halloween here in South Korea. Here are some of the events and things going on today and tonight for Halloween 2018 right here in Changwon. There are always a lot of Halloween costume contests, drink specials, and more going on every …

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Changwonderful Hot Tip #1

This map has it all. Really. If you are new to the area, or starting to look for new places to explore, check out this fantastic map. Have some places to add? Open up the map in a larger view (below) and send a message to Steve. He generously opens …

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Neighborhood Map (Masan-happo gu, Masan-hoewon gu)

Continuing the task of mapping out Changwon’s neighborhoods (dongs), here is our map of central Masan, including Masan-happo gu and Masan-hoewon gu.  Unlike our central Changwon map, we were able to track down the actual neighborhood borders, thanks to the korean-language version of Masan’s wikipedia pages (1, 2).  For the …

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Changwon Daero Map

Ever wonder what a ‘daero’ (대로) is?  It’s a big road.  They’re all over town.  Most famous in Changwon is Changwon Daero. This is the large, extremely straight road north of industrial complex.  If you’ve ever wondered what or where they are, use this simplified map!

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Neighborhood Map (Uichang gu, Seongsan gu)

We proudly present to you a map of neighborhoods (dong) in the central Changwon area (Uichang gu and Seongsan gu).  This map features the approximate locations of each neighborhood, using information gleaned from Google maps.  These neighborhoods are the smaller, colloquial dongs, as detailed in Changwon’s Neighborhood System, and thus, much …

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Changwon Waste and Recycling

Recycling can be confusing in any city across the world. We are here to bring clarity to a difficult and confusing procedure, that, once it understood, helps not just the environment, but help you meet the high standards of your landlord. Korea has a very successful recycling system.  But, to …

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Changwon’s Neighborhood System

If you don’t have a handle on Korea’s administrative divisions, please read our article on that topic first. Changwon (according to its website) has a population nearing 1.1 million people.  In 2010, it incorporated the bordering cities Jinhae and Masan.  Consequentially, has undergone redistricting to accommodate its larger size. At the highest level, the city is divided …

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An Introduction to Korea’s Administrative Divisions

South Korea is divided and subdivided in generally clear and easy to understand ways. The following is a brief introduction: The country is divided into 9 provinces (도) (Jeju is one, though it is self-governing (특별 자치도)), 6 metropolitan cities (광역시), and 1 special city (특별시) (Seoul) which serves as the country’s capital.  The metropolitan cities are governed …

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An Introduction to Nubija

Nubija (Nearby Useful Bike, Interesting Joyful Attraction) is Changwon’s bicycle lending program.  It was started up in 2008, and as of Spring 2012, there are 230 unmanned terminals to check in and out the bikes, through use of a membership card (MyBi pass) or one-day pass (via the station kiosk). …

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Changwon Mascot Taxonomy

As with most of the +120 cities and counties in South Korea, Changwon has its own mascot/character.  Furthermore, since the city assumed the areas of former cities Masan and Jinhae, the mascots of three cities were combined into one.  The following is a chart showing the changes made.  Below that …

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