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When first arriving in Changwon, it can seem impossible to find other foreigners. Depending on where you live there may be weeks where you might go a few days without seeing any western faces. For this reason we have compiled the best places to go on the internet to seek out people to socialize with.

General Information Groups

Changwon Expats – A group set up for all things Changwon. This is one of the older groups, so there is a lot of informative and helpful people who can get you settled in Changwon.
Masan Expats – A group that is focused on the Masan area. Well informed individuals and a few very active participants will guide you through the ins and outs of Masan, either via the internet or in person. Very social group.
Jinhae, South Korea – A group that is focused on the Jinhae area. Jinhae is a smaller area with less foreigners, so it is a bit quiet, but when questions are asked, someone is always there to answer.
Samgye Hood Rats – A group for people in Samgye/Hogye/Jung-ri.
Changwon Teacher Group – A general group for Changwon teachers to discuss teaching and Changwon.
Changwon Shop and Swap – A group dedicated to buying and selling things in Changwon.


MONSTER BAR – General information about Monster Bar.
BK House
 – General information about BK.
IP (International Pub) Changwon, and the people who love it – A group with general information, but featuring information on IP specials closing times, etc.
O’Briens Irish Bar Changwon, South Korea – A group with general information, but featuring information on O’Briens specials, etc.

O’Briens has a few related facebook groups including:
Celebrity Chef at O’Briens – Sundays people sign up to cook for others.
Mini Mart @ OB’s – A place to buy things from Costco via O’Briens.
DJ for a Night –   A group to sign up as a guest DJ at O’Briens.

Specific Activities

Changwon Bike Party – Bike Party is a Friday night group bike ride open to any and all bike riders and Nubija subscribers. It happens the 2nd Friday of every month. 
Changwon Shop and Swap
 – A group for buying and selling items within the Changwon/Masan/Jinhae area.
Changwon Wednesday FC – Soccer (football) on Wednesday nights, as well as league play.
Changwon Lycons – Amateur ice hockey club
Snap! Changwon – A group for local photography enthusiasts of all sorts. They have monthly meetups and trips.
Changwon Creative Writing – A group for creative writers. They have monthly meetups where they have writing challenges. This is for all sorts of writers.
Gyeongnam F.C – Gyeongnam F.C is a local team and this group talks about it and arranges meet ups.
Poker in Changwon – This is a group for anything poker related in Changwon .
PE Light on a Changwon Night – A group for things to do in Changwon. Board game night, Kickball, and Frisbee among other things.
Night Outside of Changwon – A group for things to do outside Changwon. Board game night, and other social meet ups in the Masan and Samgye area.
Changwon Book Exchange – Talk about trading books and organizing book swaps.
Yongji Lake – Music in the Park – People play music in the park behind Yongji Lake on the weekends and make plans and talk about music here.
Changers: Creative Changwon – A group for artists in all forms to talk meet, encourage and share.
Changwon Korean Class – For people interested in learning Korean, this page has information on classes.
Redeemer ICC Changwon Campus –  Christian meetup 4PM Service on Sundays at Cafe Send in Sangnam-dong.


Volunteer Opportunities

Goseong Orphanage Events – Volunteer and raise money for orphanages around Changwon.
Busan Abandoned Pet Sanctuary – Volunteer and raise money for abandoned animals in the greater Busan area.

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