Teacher Jeong Makgeolli Bar and Restaurant

Teacher Jeong in Jinhae.


Teacher Jeong is a chain restaurant and bar combo known for its flavored makgeolli. Inside it is traditionally decorated and it sort of looks like a tree house or bunk bed tables which definitely makes for a cool atmosphere. Now, I have personally only been to two of the chains, the one in Jinhae and the one in Changwon. The one in Jinhae, besides the normal flavored makgeolli, one can find flavors ranging from mango, kiwi, honey, and pineapple. The sangnam chain has cookies and creme, milk, sweet potato, and sweet tea. The cookies and cream makgeolli is essentially whipped cream, cookies, and alcohol – what isn’t there to love!? Unfortunately, you must order food to drink and visa versa so go there with an empty stomach. Their food menu offers some delicious pajeons but I highly recommend the kimijeon as well as an entire chicken. If you visit their website, you can find a translation of the menu under the second category from the toolbar.

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