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How to Check Out a Nubija Bike for a Day with Your Phone and ARC

Happy spring! It is no longer too cold outside to commute by bike, so now is a great time to take advantage of Changwon’s public bike rental system, Nubija! You can buy a yearly pass for 20,000 won or a one-day (24-hour) pass for 1,000 won. In order to check …

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Spring Cleaning with Beautiful Store (아름다운 가게)

Photos and text by Coby Zeifman For most foreigners living in Changwon, less is more. That is to say, having fewer possessions is better. This is because when it eventually comes time to move back to our home countries, it means we have less stuff to move, throw away, or …

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Eun-soon Gu’s (구은순) Coffee Shop, Roastery, and Barista Training Centre

Photos and text by Joanna Tambakis Looking for a good spot to have a coffee, hang out, and meet friendly locals? Interested in learning more about coffee, from the roasting process to how to make an espresso, latte, or cappuccino? Want a place to do art, write your next novel, …

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