Changwon Immigration Office

*** Immigration has moved!! Until we get the new information, here is a flyer from immigration. The new building is behind HiMart. The new phone number is 055) 981-6000.**

Whether you need a new visa, are switching contracts, or something else, the Immigration Office provides Changwon with all things immigration. The building itself is off the road, and the area of town is unknown to those not living in the area.

If you have questions about immigration, visas, etc. call 1345. English speaking experts can answer any questions you have, and will give you lots of information. Or you can visit the website.

How to get there:

View Changwon Immigration in a larger map

The office is set off the road, behind another building. Here is a street view of where to turn in. Also be sure to write down the address in Korean for the taxi or bus driver, so they can point it out to you.

The current street view is not useful, but by using this, you can see approximately where it is now.

Bus: 250, 255, 265 and 266 go to Joint Government Building (정부합동청사) DotSam Terminal bus stop (돝섬터미널), but those buses don’t travel into Changwon city (only into Masan and Samgye) so you will have to transfer. Use Daum Maps to find directions from you to Immigration. Translations and tips for using Daum are here.

Taxi: From Homeplus in Changwon its about 7,000 won to immigration. Or catch any bus into Masan and get a cab. 창원출입국관리사무소 should be written out in nice big letters for the quickest exchange of information. The address will also help. The Office is on the bay side of the road. It is set back behind HiMart.

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