Oriental Medicine

Oriental Medicine is an alternative to a doctor visit for many minor problems foreigners face. There are many places all over Changwon and Korea to help with muscle pains, digestion, stress,  etc. They are also extremely inexpensive. When I had back pain, my co-teacher suggested going to the Oriental Clinic before heading to the hospital. I had acupuncture and moxibustion. Three treatments cost me about 24,000 won total. Each clinic will have varying levels of English, so depending on your skills and sense of adventure you may want to bring along a Korean friend, or have someone write down the problems you are having in Korean.

To find a clinic near you, search “한의원” in your Daum or Naver maps. The map below will be a place to collect information on clinics foreigners have visited. If you have been to an Oriental Clinic and can send us the address and level of English, we will add it to this map.

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