Gyeongnam Art Museum

Changwon, as the capital of Gyeongnam province, is home to the Gyeongnam Art Museum, the province’s main art museum.  Also known as GAM, the museum was announced in December 2003, and opened in June 2004.  The museum’s exterior is a pretty unique site in Changwon, with large glass facades spanning the museum’s 4 stories, as well as a large art piece consisting of a grid of marble spheres, sticking out prominently from an eastern wall.


The museum has 6 exhibition halls/rooms across 3 stories.  The fourth story has  a library and classrooms.  Generally, the museum holds 3-4 main exhibitions, stretching multiple rooms.  These are featured on a large banner outside the building, and generally span several months.  Between these shows, there is a short downtime when the museum is closed to install the next show.  These shows vary in content, but are often geared towards international artists or modern Korean artists.

The museum also has secondary shows in the other exhibition rooms.  These shows range in content from local artists to pieces from the permanent collection.  Outside, behind the museum, there are several sculptures permanently installed.

While the museum does have a permanent collection of purchased or donated artworks, these works are not permanently displayed.  Instead, there is a yearly exhibition of works acquired that year, while previously acquired works are held in an archive at the museum, but not accessible to museum-goers.

Unlike other museums in Korea, GAM does not have a gift shop at which to purchase books, prints or other items.  Paying for museum admission gives you a mini book about the current exhibition, including color photos, descriptions, and schedule for the rest of the year, but these books are Korean-only.  English information in the museum is limited to the titles or artworks.

There is a general pamphlet about the museum available at the ticket counter, that features Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese, but this appears to be out of date, printed in 2008.  Also out of date is the official GAM website.  Also featuring multiple languages, the English version appears to be last updated in 2005, while the Korean site was last updated in 2009.


The Gyeongnam Art Museum Sculpture Park stretches from the museum to in front ofthe provincial government offices.  It is over 100,000 square meters of parkland with sculptures arranged amongst trees and flowers.  A pond, featuring large fish is also featured.

The museum is north of Yongji in central Changwon.  It’s immediately east of Gyeongsang Provincial Hall.  Taking Yongji ro north will take you directly to the museum, just as the road bend around.  Here is a map:

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