Books in Changwon

There are several ways to acquire books in Changwon. Below is the breakdown.


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Kyobo Bookstore

Kyobo has the largest supply of English Books in Changwon (that we are currently aware of), as well as books on learning Korean and books in Korean. It is located behind Lotte Department Store in the basement of the MIUSA Building (the building with Lion Subs and VIPS). Kyobo also sells CDs, Stationary and other artistic accessories.
Kyobo’s staff speaks varying levels of English, but if you have the name of the book you are looking for, they will be happy to see if they have the book. They can also order books online for you and they will text you when the book arrives.

Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm.
Closed on Lunar New Year and Chuseok.
Phone Number: 055-284-3501

Kidari English Bookstore

Located in Sangnam on the 6th floor, Kidari is almost exclusively English learning books. They have a fiction section and helpful English speaking staff. If you don’t see the book you are looking for they will happily look it up in their database and let you know if it is available. If not, try Kyobo!

Hours: 10:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Saturday
2:00pm to 7:00pm Sundays
Phone Number: 055-266-3391


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Here is a map of the libraries in Changwon. Find the library nearest you!You can get a card by bringing your ARC and finding a desk person who will help you fill out the forms. The way if works here is, however many days late you return a book, that is how many days you have to wait until you can borrow a different book. So if you are late 3 days, when you return the book you have to wait 3 more days until you can borrow a different book.

O’Brien’s and IPs
Both of these fine establishments have books to trade or borrow. This is a very relaxed system. When people leave the country, they generally donate books to their libraries and then others pick them up, check them out and bring them back when they are done, or pass them on to someone else.

O’Briens is also starting a book swap. It will be a semi-annual event. Here is the event information: Changwon Book Exchange!

The Internet
If all the above have failed you, you can always use the internet. delivers most (but not all) books to Korea, but before you get into International Shipping rates, try They offer free shipping on purchases of 25,000 or more, have loads of titles and quick delivery.

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