Greenhouse Bakery in Dogye


Do you miss bread? I’m not talking about 빵. I mean baguettes and ciabattas, whole wheat and rye? Stop settling for the overly-sweet, limp and insubstantial breads and pastries of [insert conglomerate-owned bakery franchise here] and check out Greenhouse (그린하우스) in Dogye-dong.

Under the skilled hand of an award-winning member of the Korean Master Bakers Association, Greenhouse has been operating since 1997, but it underwent a massive expansion and remodeling project in 2013.

Today, it stands as a stunning and gorgeous bakery and café that literally looks like a giant house, inviting you in for a delicious meal.


Greenhouse (르긴하우스) in Dogye-dong

The first floor is the bakery. As you walk in, you will be most surprised at the huge selection of breads and pastries available. The space is large (and tastefully decorated) but by no means empty. What are you craving? They have all of the standards of a Korean bakery: cream-filled muffins, pumpkin pound cakes, donuts, deli sandwiches, giant golden croissants, glutinous rice balls, chocolates, macarons, cream puffs, and a huge selection of seriously gorgeous cakes, roll cakes, and cheesecakes.

GH_Bread2 GH_Bread3 GH_Bread1 GH_Bread4

What makes this bakery special, though, is its selection of bread bread: lo and behold, a corner of the first floor dedicated to “정통 유럽빵” (authentic European bread) and “건강빵” (healthy bread). This includes baguettes, ciabattas, and rolls made with organic and whole wheat flour.

Ciabattas (rye, cranberry walnut, cheese, chocolate, etc.): 2300-3800KRWGerman potato bread: 2500KRWBaguette: 3800KRWPre-sliced whole grain loaf (잡곡식빵): 3800KRWWhole wheat loaf: 5000KRWChocolate chip boule: 6000KRW
Ciabattas (rye, cranberry walnut, cheese, chocolate, etc.): 2300-3800KRW
German potato bread: 2500KRW
Baguette: 3800KRW
Pre-sliced whole grain loaf (잡곡식빵): 3800KRW
Whole wheat loaf: 5000KRW
Chocolate chip boule: 6000KRW

It’s perhaps on the pricey side, but rest assured that you’re paying for quality. Other specialty items I noticed included an olive cheese focaccia (3200KRW), squid ink bread (2800KRW), bagels! (cranberry, chocolate, onion; 2800KRW), and something called the “Mammoth” sandwich that was as large as my arm.


Greenhouse-bread3 GH_Counter

It’s also very important that I mention the free samples provided in little bowls by specialty items. The zealous and quick-moving staffers constantly refill empty trays of breads and then slice something up from a fresh batch just for you. That’s right, go ahead and take nibbles of delicious carby goodness as you wander around with your tray and tongs and try your best not to get one of everything! Then pay at the counter in the back (cash or card); they will offer to slice your loaves for you.


Free samples!


The lineup of baked goods changes every day.


First-floor cafe (separate from the second-floor cafe/restaurant)

The second floor is the café. I didn’t take a look, but I will definitely come back soon for brunch. Specialties include the mozzarella Panini and lasagna. They also have pizza and salads, and for dessert, bingsoo, gelato, and smoothies.

Location & Directions

Address: 창원시 의창구 도계동 406-5 (Changwon-si Uichang-gu Dogye-dong 406-5). [Daum map and Bus directions.] Just a block off of Woni-daero (원이대로) in Dogye-dong.

Take buses 10-14, 30-32, 34-35, 100, 102, 105, 122, 155, 213, 505, 703, 710, 751-752, 757, or 800 to Dogye Gas Station (도계주유소), the large red SK gas station. (There is a Nubija terminal opposite the station, by the computer store.) With the gas station on your left, walk east (away from the school and the sports center) one block and you will see Greenhouse (그린하우스) on your right. It’s a giant four-story house; you can’t miss it. Parking available.


The bakery is open from 8am until midnight (not 12pm, as the sign mistakenly says). The café is open from 10am until 11pm. (I assume it’s closed on holidays.)

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