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If you haven’t been to Cafe HaU before, you are in for a refreshing treat. Cafe HaU is one of the nicest cafes in Changwon with a great selection of hand drip fair trade coffee. They use Kalita pots to brew the delicious coffee and you can taste the difference. One thing Cafe HaU has lacked in the past is consistent snacks. That is about to change. HaU is in the process of changing its menu. Beginning this month (December 2013), Cafe HaU is presenting a vegan dessert and drink menu and the very first step is vegan cookies. Here is a preview of the options now available, explained by barista and baker, Yuri.

HaU Hand-made Vegan Cookie Assortment

There are 6 kinds of different cookies:

Soybean milk & Cinnamon

 Soy Milk Cinnamon

Soybean milk & Chocolate Chip

 Soy Milk Chocolate Chip

Pumpkin & Cranberry

 Pumpkin & Cranberry

Fig & Oat

Dried Fig & Oat


 Chocolate with Macadamia

Almond Chunk


Since it’s vegan, we don’t add butter, milk, egg inside at all and instead we use organic wheat flour, organic sugar, soybean milk, organic agave syrup, Valrhona French chocolate and so on.

Americano and cookie set menu

Starting January 2014, we are going to put out more vegetarian menus such as vegan Pave (‘brick’ in French) chocolate, vegan short cakes, Chickpea Sandwich & Salad, Soybean milk based Coffee, hot chocolate, green tea, etc.

You can order as a set menu with Americano or Earl Grey, which is a little cheaper than the products alone.

We’re also doing ‘donation coupons’ (which are a variation of the stamp cards we see at other coffee shops) which you can either donate 5,000 won for the needy through HaU or get a free hot Americano after collecting 12 stamps.

HaU Earth Day

 every Friday evening 20:00~21:00

We turn off the electric lights and put the candles on for an hour to remind us of saving energy for earth. It can be another fun for a different mood with candle lights.

HaU Earth Day

HaU people love humans, animals, nature and local community!

Check out the map below for answers on how to get to Cafe HaU.

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Phone#: 055-289-0322

Business Hours: 10:30 ~ 22:30, Mon ~ Sun except Lunar New Year Day & Chuseok

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