Greenhouse Cafe

Greenhouse Cafe, on the second floor of the bakery, located in Dogye-dong

As promised, I went back to Greenhouse (그린하우스), Dogye-dong’s prized cafe and bakery, to see if their lunch options were as spectacular as their selection of bread and pastries. Unsurprisingly, lunch was delicious. Greenhouse did not disappoint.

On a weekday around noon, the second floor cafe is spacious, quiet, and brightly lit. Its atmosphere is still cozy, though, with armchair seating and many books stacked artistically on the shelves. I believe the books were meant for decoration, but a few of them were photo albums from Life magazine, so my friend and I perused them after we ordered and sat down. It helped pass the time, as the wait seemed unusually long for the low number of patrons.

Decorative books in Greenhouse Cafe (photo albums, encyclopedias, textbooks, and the like) that are probably not meant for perusal, but that didn’t stop us!

But when our meal was finally ready, it was well worth the wait. I believe that presentation is important — it really does affect the taste, or at least the dining experience — and these are some pretty paninis.

I ordered a mozzarella panini (모짜렐라 파니니, 7800KRW), the soup of the day, which was potato cheddar (감자 체더 스프, 1500KRW), and a blueberry latte (블루베리 라떼, 4500KRW). With one buck knocked off for some kind of brunch special, my total came out to 12,800KRW. As for taste, well, what beats warm, melty cheese on freshly-baked bread? I could have done without the special sauce drizzled on top, as it was sweetened, but otherwise I enjoyed my panini. I probably could have eaten two… but that just means I’ll have to go back again soon.

Mozzarella panini, 7800KRW
Soup of the day (potato cheddar), 1500KRW
Blueberry latte, 4500KRW
My friend’s panini — both were similarly priced and came with a side salad.

As you can see in the partial menu below, the cafe also offers red bean soup, salads, burgers, and even pizzas, along with a standard lineup of coffees. Enjoy your next meal at Greenhouse, and pick up some good bread on your way out!


Location & Directions

Address: 창원시 의창구 도계동 406-5 (Changwon-si Uichang-gu Dogye-dong 406-5). [Daum map and Bus directions.] Just a block off of Woni-daero (원이대로) in Dogye-dong.

Take buses 10-14, 30-32, 34-35, 100, 102, 105, 122, 155, 213, 505, 703, 710, 751-752, 757, or 800 to Dogye Gas Station (도계주유소), the large red SK gas station. (There is a Nubija terminal opposite the station, by the computer store.) With the gas station on your left, walk east (away from the school and the sports center) one block and you will see Greenhouse (그린하우스) on your right. It’s a giant four-story house; you can’t miss it. Parking available.


Greenhouse bakery is open from 8am until midnight. The café is open from 10am until 11pm.

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