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One of the biggest advantages to living in Changwon is its proximity to the mountains. For some, hiking can see so close and yet so far, as it is difficult to know exactly where the trailheads are. Below is a map of just a few of the many locations for trailheads around Changwon.

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Some destinations are quite far from Changwon by taxi, so please consult the map to have a general idea of the area. By copying the location from this map into Daum maps, you can use the street view button to see the area ahead of time.

The taxi directions below will take you to the closest possible destination recognized by a taxi driver. In order to use them most effectively, copy and paste taxi and bus stop directions into a new document. Then print, using a large font for the taxi/bus driver to see.

Taxi/Bus Information

Mt. Jeongbyeong via Changwon Jungang Station/GilSang Temple
Taxi Directions: 길상사 주차장가주세요
Gil Sang Sa ChuChaChang Ga Chew Say Yo
Bus Stop: 창원중앙역
Changwon Jungang Station
Bus #: 210, 211, 220, 221
Description: From the bus stop, walk past the parking lot and look for a rockier parking lot with a giant sign and a map.
Once at the parking lot, there are several different trails to choose from. Consult the map at the parking lot for details.

Mt. Jeongbyeong via Changwon Shooting Range 
Taxi Directions: 창원종합사격장 가주세요
Changwon ChongHapSa GyeokChang, Ga Chu Say Oh
Bus Stop: 사격장입구
Shooting Range Entrance
Bus #: 100, 122, 214, 502
Description: Head towards the mountains on the tree lined road and you will get to the shooting range. Skirt the right hand side of the shooting range complex to get to the trails.
Website: Mt. Jeongbyeong information from Changwon.go.kr

 Mt. Jeongbyeong via Changwon Tennis Courts 
Taxi Directions: 사파동 38-1 창원침례교회 사택 가주세요
Sapa Dong Changwon Chim Le Gyo Hee Ga Chew Say Yo
Bus Stop: No bus Bus #: No bus close by.
Description: This one is an adventure just to get to. If you zoom in to the map you can see the cross, symbolizing the church. This is where the taxi lets you out. From here you will see a path across the street, its bumpy and muddy at times, and it winds around. Just keep heading toward the mountain. On the way you will see a body of water, a highway and you will cross a suspension bridge. From there follow a trail to the trailhead. Its a steep trail and there are lots of tiny rock formations along the way.
Website: Mt. Jeongbyeong information from Changwon.go.kr

Mt. Palyong via Changwon side 
Taxi Directions: 창원 Hite 맥주 공장 가주세요
Changwon Hite Mekchu GongChang Ga Chu Say Oh
This is not the Hite Factory on the way to Masan. Emphasize “Changwon”
Bus Stop: 동서식품
Dong Suh Shik Poom
Bus #: 101, 103, 106,159, 210, 211, 212, 705, 707
Description: Head towards the mountain down the street with the Hite Factory on it. When you hit the end of the road facing the mountain, you will see a trailhead.
Website: Mt. Palyong information from Changwon.go.kr

Mt. Palyong via Masan Side 
Taxi Directions: 봉암동SK주유소 가주세요
Bong Am Dong S K Choo You So, Ga Chew Say Oh
Bus Stop: 정다운요양병원
ChangDaOon YoYang ByeongWon
Bus #:107, 112, 116, 162, 163, 164, 762, 257, 160, 760
Description: Walk up the street towards the mountains. When you come to a fork in the road, take the right fork.
Website: Mt. Palyong information from Changwon.go.kr

 Junam Reservoir: RAMSAR Culture Center 
Taxi Directions: 주남저수지 가주세요
Jew Nam Cha Soo Chi, Ga Chew Say Yo
Bus Stop: 주남저수지
Junam Chuh SuChi
Bus #: 1, 2, 42, 554
Description: Junam Reservoir is not on a mountain. It is a large flat reservoir where many birds migrate in the fall and spring. If you are looking for a way to get outside and walk around without having to go uphill, this is the walk for you. It can be very crowded on some days, but if you get past the main area, you can explore some areas of the reservoir and surrounding countryside in peace.
WebsiteJunam Official Website

 Junam Reservoir: North Side 
Taxi Directions: 주남가든 동읍 죽동리 가주세요
Jew Nam Gah Duhn Ga Chew Say Yo
Bus Stop: 용산
Bus #: 49, 30, 31, 32, 33, 36, 40, 41
Description: This side of Junam is very quiet. Its not actually a hike, but a walk through a small town before arriving at the far side of the reservoir. Cross over the bridge and wind your way right, staying on the largest of the roads. Eventually you hit a trail at the north side of the reservoir. You can walk around the reservoir and get to the Ramsar Culture Center, or wander around other small cities and a more remote reservoir south of Junam called DongPan.
WebsiteJunam Official Website

 Mt. Cheonju via Cheonju Temple 
Taxi Directions: 천주암 가주세요
CheonJuAm Ga Chew Say Yo
Bus Stop: 천주암
Bus #: 159, 29, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24
Description: From the bus stop, head up the mountain. The Am (Buddhist buildings) will be on the right. Cheonju Mountain is one of the higher hikes in Changwon. Once you hit the top there are several helipads, and great views of Changwon and the surrounding area. It is famous for its bright purple and red azalea flowers, which bloom in mid-April.
WebsiteMt. Cheongju information from Changwon.go.kr

 Anmin Pass 
Taxi Directions: 안민고개입구 가주세요
Anmingogae Ip Gu Ga Chew Say Oh
Bus Stop: 안민초교
Anmin Elementary SchoolBus Stop: 안민고개입구
Anmin Pass Entrance
Bus #: 110, 112, 212, 801
Bus #:  551
Description: Head towards the mountain and follow the road up the hil.l
This hike is always on the road, but it’s a very beautiful walk, especially in the spring. Once at the top, walk down the other side and enjoy Jinhae.
Website: Anmin Pass information from Changwon.go.kr

 Siru Peak via Jinhae Dream Park Wood Culture Experience Center 
Taxi Directions: 진해드림파크 목재문화체험장 가주세요
Jinhae Duh Ream Parkuh MokChae MoonHwa ChaeHum Chang Ga Chew Say Yo
Bus Stop: 구청앞
Gu Chang ApBus Stop: 신광아파트
Shin Gwang Apt
Bus #: 301, 307
Bus #: 155, 164, 752, 307, 315, 315-1, 315-2 315-3, 303-1, 306-1
Description: From the bus stop you will need to head towards the mountain. It is a long walk from the bus stop.
There is a parking lot on the left for “Wood Culture Experience Center” 목재문화체험장. The trails up the mountain are behind the large circular building here.

 Mt. Daeam
Taxi Directions: 대암산 가주세요
Daeam Sahn Ga Chew Say Yo
Bus Stop: 대방그린빌A
Daebang Greenville Apartments
Bus #:59, 101, 105, 504, 507
Description: From the bus stop, walk back to the traffic light. Cross the street and head up to the base of the mountain.This mountain is located in Daebang dong. At the base of the mountain, there are exercise machines ranging from free weights to machines for your whole body. It is 2.3 km from the base to the top, with three water stations along the way. At the top, there is a rock structure, gazebo, and routes to other mountains.This mountain is good to hike if you are directional challenged. When routes have a fork, both forks lead you to the same place, so it’s very difficult to get lost.

Information provided by Susie Lee.


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