Two Hidden Parks Near Yonji Lake

Yongji Lake is a great place to enjoy Changwon’s lovely scenery. With its soft track, foot massage path, and of course the light show, Yongji Lake seems to have everything. But did you know that there are two parks next to the lake where a person can also sit, relax, and take life in?

Yongji Park

Park 1Yongji Park is one of Changwon’s hidden gems. Located close to the lake, Yongji Park is a lush green area, even in the high heat of summer. It is a place to take off your shoes, and sit under the numerous trees. There is even a picturesque pagoda in the center of the park. This park is empty most of the time, so you will find yourself alone with your thoughts or friends.

Park 2

Yongji Culture Park

Culture Park3

Yongji Culture Park is a bustling park with a track for running or walking, and exercise equipment dotted along the way. In the center of this park is an amphitheater and a fountain, which shoots water into the sky. The park has many events, such as the recent Migrants Festival, and Craft Festival.

Culture Park 4

While this park does not have the luscious green grass of Yongji Park, it does boast many benches for sitting, and a play structure for children. There are also bathrooms conveniently located near the parking lot. You will find it busy most nights, either with walkers and runners, or live music, food, or crafts. Why don’t you take a look?

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Culture Park5

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