Asia Marts

Asia Marts are a common occurrence throughout Korea. They usually have a big red sign and lots of ads for Calling Cards. Inside is a treasure trove of foods not normally found in typical Korean grocery stores. Though sometimes hard to find, these stores are fun to wander through,with their Halal meats, interesting asian alcohols, dried beans, and other unique products. One can also find Thai food ingredients such as curry packets, coconut milk, and fresh lemongrass.

There are a few locations in Changwon:

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Three are located in the same building (Naedongsangga / 내동상가) across the Changwon Daero from Changwon Hospital (Changwon Byeongwon / 창원병원). The 106, 108, 112, 115, 210/211, 705, and 507 buses all stop at Changwon Hospital.

From Changwon Hospital on the main road (Changwon Daero), cross the street and enter the one story building. The first one you encounter is the smallest. Keep looking around, heading to the back and center-right of the building to find the largest, and the newest which are right across the hall from each other. They all have slightly different things that set them apart, so give yourself some time to peruse all three.

Another Asia Mart is located in Palyongdong, across the street from the Gyeongnam Migrants Center.  It is walking distance from Changwon train station (Changwon Yuk / 창원역), which is serviced by a million buses, including: 100, 102, 108, 109, 110, 111, 113, 114, 115, 122, 210, 213, 700, 703, 710, 757.  It can also be walked to from Changwon daero at the Gyeongnam Techno Park bus stop (경남테크노파크).

There is also one in Masan. Take the 105 or 106 and get off at Backdoor Free Trade Area bus stop (자유무역지역후문)

If you know of other Asia Mart in town, please let us know about it on our facebook page. Thanks!

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