Language Exchange in Changwon

Language Exchange is popular in big cities. The Language Exchange is good for both learners.

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By attending the Language Exchange, learners can feel comfortable in many situations. Koreans who learn English don’t feel shy any more. Expats who learn Korean meet good friends who tell them good expressions.


Unlike big cities, a small group is reasonable for the Language Exchange.

Cafe Blue in SangNamdong hosts the Language  Exchange. Learners can meet two or three times a week. The time is from 11 to 12 am, Mondays to Thursdays, or Afternoon on Saturdays. The map for Changwon’s Language Exchange is here.
Cafe Blue
창원시 성산구 상남동 31-1

부산 수영구 남천2동 148-2

Contact Mr. Jung 010-3258-6747

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