Daewon Leports Park

Daewon Leports Park is a large park in Daewon-dong, east of Homeplus, across the river.  This large park is home to multiple courts/courses/fields for a wide array of sports.  In fact, a list of the included sports might require some research to fully understand.  Either way, this park provides an excellent place to be active in a multitude of ways.

Here’s a map of the included sports. Click to expand.

Several of the sports are common: SoccerBasketballTennis, and Jogging. After that, there are more obscure sports:

  • Jokgu:  A hybrid tennis-soccer game.  Known internationally as football tennis or futnet. Wikipedia
  • Ssireum: Traditional Korean folk wrestling. Wikipedia
  • Park Golf:  A simplified golf game, invented in Japan. Wikipedia
  • Ground Golf:  Like park golf, another simplified version of golf.  This features portable holes.  Website
  • Gateball: A fast-paced croquet variant. Wikipedia

Another highlight of this park, assuming your a kid and/or enjoy roadsigns, is the Children’s Traffic Park.  Here, there are a ton of street signs, and miniature lane roads where children can walk or ride bikes.

All in all, Daewon Leports Park stands out compared to other parks around Changwon, because it offers outdoor fields for sports without the normal obstacles like trees, uneven ground, or random manhole covers.

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