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Neighborhood Map (Masan-happo gu, Masan-hoewon gu)

Continuing the task of mapping out Changwon’s neighborhoods (dongs), here is our map of central Masan, including Masan-happo gu and Masan-hoewon gu.  Unlike our central Changwon map, we were able to track down the actual neighborhood borders, thanks to the korean-language version of Masan’s wikipedia pages (1, 2).  For the …

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Changwon’s Baseball Team: NC Dinos

Contributed by Senior Changwonderful Baseball Expert, Jake Clark. (jakelikesredvelvetcake@gmail.com) The NC Dinos (엔씨 다이노스) are Changwon’s very own professional baseball team. They are currently playing their 2nd season, as a member of the Korea Professional Baseball Championship for the 2013 season. The Dinos play their home games at newly-refurbished Masan Stadium …

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National 3:15 Cemetery

The National 3:15 Cemetery is dedicated to lives lost during a protest in Masan on March 15, 1960.  It overlooks Masan from the side of the mountain behind the Hite factory in Masanhoewon gu.  In addition to the cemetery, there is a large monument as well.  Unrelated, but behind the complex …

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