September 2012 Korea Festival Calendar

This season, we’re parsing down our biannual schedule of Korean festivals into individual months.  May we proudly present September 2012.  Aside from the Masan Fish Market festival on 14th through 16th, all of these festivals are out of Changwon’s province. But in October, there will be several in Changwon alone.  Stay tuned for details.

The schedule is built like normal calendar, with each festival stretching across the days for which it occurs.  If stretching beyond the week, an arrow signifies it’s continuation.  Each festival is color-coded to the province it occurs in.  An icon represents the general theme of the festival.  Refer to the bottom of the calendar for this information.

If you plan on visiting some of these festivals, here are some helpful links:

If you end up going to a festival, let us know on our facebook page!

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