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Korean Apartment Tour in Changwon from James Wilkes 135

Changwon City Apartment Tour

Here’s a video of your typical apartment situation if your thinking of coming to Changwon City, South Korea to work. This is a video from a local  Changwoner who we hope to be doing some work together. Check out this video from James Wilkes and check out his youTube channel …

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Contest: Why Is Chang-Wonderful?

We are having a contest to find out ‘Why is Chang-Wonderful?’. If you have lived in Changwon City (including Masan and JinHae), South Korea or are currently living here, we would like to know the following: 1) What makes Changwon a great city to live in? 2) What it is …

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Halloween Weekend In Changwon

Halloween seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year here in South Korea.  Ten years ago, if you worked here as an English teacher, you may have gotten a little taste of Halloween due to your work environment.  These days, you are seeing more and more signs saying ‘Happy …

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