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Movie Makers of Changwon

This post is the first of a series looking at the people who live or lived in Changwon and create.  Specifically, this post looks at the movie makers of our city, past and present. It would be naive to claim this to be the definitive source on the topic, as certainly, there are many …

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September 2012 Korea Festival Calendar

This season, we’re parsing down our biannual schedule of Korean festivals into individual months.  May we proudly present September 2012.  Aside from the Masan Fish Market festival on 14th through 16th, all of these festivals are out of Changwon’s province. But in October, there will be several in Changwon alone. …

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Neighborhood Map (Uichang gu, Seongsan gu)

We proudly present to you a map of neighborhoods (dong) in the central Changwon area (Uichang gu and Seongsan gu).  This map features the approximate locations of each neighborhood, using information gleaned from Google maps.  These neighborhoods are the smaller, colloquial dongs, as detailed in Changwon’s Neighborhood System, and thus, much …

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