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Changwon Marine Park

Located on Eumji-do, on the south coast of Jinhae, is the Changwon Marine Park (formerly known as Jinhae Marine Park).  Connected to the mainland via the 250m long Eumji bridge, it is a complex, initially started in 2000 at a cost of 52 billion won. The Oceanic Life Theme Park …

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Maritime Filming Set

Deep down south in the Masan countryside (Gusan myeon), on the edge of an East China Sea inlet, is a historical recreation filming set for TV dramas. The filming set, which is a small formation of buildings, includes an iron smelting facility, a horse stable, and markets, all decorated with wares …

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Visa Run to Fukuoka

Please note: All information in this article is current as of early 2013.  If viewing this well in the future, logistics and numbers may vary. If you’ve been here awhile (or at least long enough to be changing jobs), you’ll have learned that if you have a tourist, student, or …

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