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Shopping in the Changwon Area and South Korea

Shopping in Korea, online shopping in Korea, Korean clothes and fashion, food costs in Korea, and services in Korea can be a good or bad experience while living in South Korea. The costs of living in South Korea can be cheaper than the current country you are in and South …

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Teaching English in South Korea and Asia

Teaching English in Korea and in Asia can have its difficulties.  Smart phones (cell phones) and students using them in class and where we stand as teachers with regards of their use. Controlling our classroom and how to do it!  Teaching in Korea compared to teaching in China.  Classroom sizes …

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Summer Events and Festivals in South Korea 2019

Summertime in Korea can have it’s UPS and DOWNS!     In this episode we’ll look at SUMMER in Korea, what we like and what we don’t, plus some of the summer events and activities going on all over South Korea for summer 2019! Scott, Adam, and Marco are joined …

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